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Cabrillo Highway 1977
Retro Radio and Television

Retro Radio and Television

Capital Radio.us - The Oldies Revolution
Not just oldies from the 60's but modern oldies from the 70's and 80's too. "Retro Weekends" include do-wop tunes and "Saturday Night Retro" request show, live from Fairfield County, Connecticut.
Retro Junk
A retro collection of TV commercials, movie trailers and theme songs - all from the 1980s.
Retro TV
Collection of older spots, mainly for toys and computer games.

TV Land
Official site of this classic TV station. Includes favorite shows along with retro TV commercials, theme songs, online games, and show schedules.
TV Fansites WebRing
Fansites webring features sites dedicated to TV shows, genre sites, new or retro characters and actors.
Retro Toons Webring
Lists sites including references to 80s cartoons, or being devoted to the 80s.

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