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Cabrillo Highway 1977
Retro Toys, Hobbies, Humor

Retro Toys, Hobbies, Humor

Retro Track and Air
Specializes in the restoration of warbirds, historic aircraft airframes, and their engines. Offers information engines, projects, contacts, and links.
The Retro Rubber Ducky
Shares rubber ducks collected including pictures, polls, and related links.
The Naff Toys Shop
Online shop with cool and retro toys and other kitsch items.
Retro Recipes
Features a collection of the worst recipe cards. Organized by categories devoted to Jell-O molds, Tuna bakes, Hot Dog casseroles, and creepy looking cakes.
A look a retro foodstuffs.

Bad Jokes of the Week
Jokes collected from experience in morning radio, including blonde, Dallas Cowboys, wrestling, retro and gender humor.
Glib Magazine
Pop culture magazine featuring comics, artists, writers and retro kitsch.
The Backseat Kiss
Retro style comedy and arts zine with varied topics, articles and photos.
Spires of Iacon
A humorous look at life, the eighties and retro toys.
A group of Finnish militaria enthusiasts, who recreate the life of the German soldiers for retro photography.
Welcome to the British Slot Car Racing Association (BSCRA) website
The site covers most aspects of popular slot racing in the UK. The Association is in existence to promote and organise National championship events and lay down a structure of rules and regulations for 1/32 and 1/24 scale slot car racing. Slot racings appeal is universal and attracts a wide cross section of society. One of its ‘unique’ attractions is that there is no division or segregation and whatever background, race, sex or age you are, we all race together on a level playing field.
The Association has been in existence for over 40 years and was conceived in 1963 by D.J.Laidlaw Dickson, who was the editor of MODEL CARS, a popular magazine that did much to promote the world wide 60's boom in slot racing.
The very first Electric Car Racing Association (ECRA) 1/32 National championships took place at the offices of the magazine located at Clarendon, Watford in North London in 1964. Those basic rules were to be adopted around the world from New Zealand to Canada and South Africa, as our association became a major influence on 1/32 Scale Racing. Many of these principles and rules are still there today.

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