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Cabrillo Highway 1977
Retro Culture, People, Life-Style

Retro Culture, People, Life-Style

Why Bother.org
Whatever we feel like, whenever we feel like it: a hodgepodge of "Blank Generation" stuff, some serious, some tongue in cheek, most not quite right in the head.
'80s Retro Craze Sweeps Executive Branch
WASHINGTON, DC–Remember SDI, deregulation, and tax cuts? The new administration does. That's right, '80s retro fever is sweeping the executive branch, with President Bush and his nostalgia-crazed colleagues going wild for the people and policies of that "totally tubular" decade.
The Swank Pad
1950's retro, including american homes, Speigel's fashions, signs, architecture, and music.
Many know me as Swanky, creator and organizer of Hukilau and collector of Polynesian Pop. I am really more into Midcentury culture and Tiki is a part of that. I wanted to have a place where I could talk about anything from Tiki to retro preservation and exploration to just the things in life that bug and beguile me. And that’s what this is. I hope you’ll subscribe to the Blather or drop in regularly.
What's Behind Retro Virginity?
The pressure to be a virgin bride is not felt by women from traditional Muslim families alone. In New York City, the majority of clients who visit the Plastic Surgery Centre, which offers "plastic surgery and reconstructive gynecology," are Latin American women.
"It's a lie out of love," says Esmeralda Vanegas, owner of the three New York centres. "Unfortunately, the men in our culture make us do these things. They are machistas. They do whatever they want out on the streets and then they want a virgin at the altar."
RetroMetro, Oklahoma City
Mission: Retro Metro OKC is dedicated to educating the community and its visitors about local history by collecting, preserving, displaying and interpreting materials reflecting the heritage of Oklahoma City.
Retro Metro OKC was started in September, 2009 by a group of history enthusiasts wishing to better promote and tell the history of the greater Oklahoma City metro and to support and work with like-minded organizations whenever possible. We are dedicated to making history fun and accessible to all. The founding group consists of historians, authors, urban planners, attorneys, real estate professionals, videographers and designers with ages ranging from 17 to 70.
Hippy Haven
Nostalgic and retro look back at the 60's and 70's. News of the times including Woodstock, Civil Rights, Vietnam and also some live music sites to keep you rockin. This site like the generation of Hippy or Hippie children it tells about, is constantly changing. Just when I think I have told it all something else comes to mind.
Dollfacepunk dot com
Online magazine featuring martini time, dollface and budget bombshell. Retro inspired store for women and men's clothing.
Dollfacepunk started as a way for a frustrated young writer to publish articles that weren't completely gutted by editors. The young writer didn't get discovered for her pointless random articles and turned the whole thing into a store loaded with rockin' tees, tanks and hoodies. The pointless articles can now be found in blog format.
To clear up all confusion on the "punk" part of Dollfacepunk. Originally it was to be Dollface, but that was taken. It needed a little more spice. Punk fit so perfectly on the end. If you look up the word punk it means "insignificant young person." That is all that's behind the name. Dollface + Punk = dollfaced insignificant young person.
Lawford, Trevor
Contains photographs, resume and some retro BBC computer stuff.
Mutant Spiders: The story of my first and only published game for the 8-bit BBC microcomputer. Includes the game itself!
Mutant Xpiders: The sequel to the above game, written for the PC. Play it now (requires DirectX5 or greater).

Retro Software Designs
General information and online plotting program.
Biorhythms are a method of calculating human cycles based on mathematical functions. It "works" on the principle of sin waves denoting high, low and critical times in one's life. Biorhythms help in predicting future areas of trouble and difficulty (denoted by the "critical day"). For more information on Biorhythms, visit the Biorhythm FAQ.
Retro Radar
Current trends in retro living, from hot rods to swing bands, classic movies, World War 2 reenactments, jazz clubs, vintage clothing shows, rock n roll music, tiki bars, retro design, and movie remakes.
RetroRadar.com is an information clearinghouse for anyone enamored of mid-20th century pop culture, including hot rodders, lindy hoppers, classic film lovers, Art Deco aficionados, WWII re-enactors, vintage clothing collectors, and other retrophiles. Our goal is two-fold: To pay homage to the innovation and achievements of America’s golden era from the 1920s to the 1960s, and to keep alive the courtesy, class and timeless style of this period. We venerate movies that pull at the heartstrings, music that makes you want to dance, and clothing that flatters rather than flaunts. Our radar screen filters out the noise that surrounds us and allows visitors to zero in on the resources they’re seeking in the world of vintage Americana. If it’s hip, we’ve got the blip.
Providing goth, industrial, electro, retro- and many other misc styles at Gypsy, Canberra.
In case you haven't already spoken with us, and are still popping by this web site, at this stage there are no firm plans, so we will contine with impromptu events. They will be announced on aus.culture.gothic and through posters around town.
Mondo Lounge: Where Cocktail Cultures Collide
Retro pop culture event featuring car rally, swing dancing, live Las Vegas entertainment, vintage vendors and educational conference presentations.
Mondo Lounge Atomic Frolic is the Ultimate Retro Party and Conference. The event is themed around the lifestyle and culture of America from 1957 to 1963 & will bring together fans of Retro Fashion, Tiki, Exotica Music, Car Culture, Bachelor Pad Living, Pin-Ups, Swing Scene, Vintage Las Vegas Rat Pack era.
Tiki Room
Home of the Tiki Central discussion groups. Contains news, music, books, forums, and pictures of things Tiki and retro.
Hanford Lemoore's Tiki Room is a collection of rants, reviews, links, art -- pretty much anything that falls into or close to tiki pop culture. If there's anything you'd like to see, or if you have something to contribute yourself, let me know.
Tiki Central was started by Jennifer Thompson and Hanford Lemoore as a Yahoo club to support Tikiphiles around the world. In March 2002 Hanford Lemoore took the forum over completely and moved it to tikiroom.com.
UK Hairdressers -- History of Hair, From 3000 B.C. to Present Day
1920’s society very much abandoned the puritanical standards and constraints of Victorian life. The ‘Roaring Twenties’ saw the emergence of short, bobbed and waved styles, signifying the new independent, free-spirited, free-woman ethos of the day. Women increasingly had access to cinema and theatre and trends were set by the ‘superstars’ of the time. Make-up was very much back in fashion – powder, rouge and very red lips were ‘in’ albeit in a more demure way than the earlier 18th century Style. Men’s hair remained short, as in the Victorian era but was most often worn with a centre parting and slicked back using brilliantine and highly perfumed oils.

1940’s women continued to follow their on-screen idols, with the emphasis on feminine, romantic styles. Soft curls falling onto the shoulders or long, wavy natural looks were popular and for the first time sun-tans became popular – probably inspired by Hollywood starlets. Of course these styles would have been saved for evening wear – as the war years raged something of a more practical nature was needed. Many women worked either on the land or in the munitions factories, and as shampoo and non-essential items were hard to come by fashion was often dictated by practicality. Practical women wore their hair in a neat roll around the nape and over the ears, often covered with a headscarf knotted at the front leaving only the fringe exposed. Plastic hair rollers were an essential part of styling as was styling lotion to hold the hair in place for as long as possible.

By the 1950’s, with the constraints of war at an end, glamour became popular and women attempted to achieve a look what implied ‘domestic goddess’ The impression that all household chores could be accomplished whilst still looking stylish and well groomed was aspired to. Returning to the home duties after the demands of war-time meant women could spend more time on achieving the ‘50’s ideal of beauty. Eyebrows, mascara and eyeliner became heavier with intense coloured lips highlighting a pale complexion. Hair began to suffer abuse however and was teased, sculpted, sprayed, permanently waved and forced into perfectly formed curls. Hair often resembled a perfect helmet and women started to visit salons on a weekly basis for he ‘shampoo and set.’ Men of the day were also prepared to spend time copying their idols James Dean and Elvis and greased back hairdo’s were coupled with long, heavy sideburns.

Complex hair styles were definitely ‘out’ in the 1960’s. Women were once again moving into the workplace and needed to adopt a more achievable style for a day-time look. Many favoured short, back-combed hairstyles that could be quickly styled and held in place with hair spray, softened with a long, feminine fringe. Younger women who left their hair longer tended to wear it loose or in a simple ponytail, adorning it with flowers or ribbons during the fashionable ‘hippy’ phase. Both hair and make-up was kept simple, the emphasis being on natural, healthy looks – the all American girl-next-door look was widely popular. Blonde was the colour to be and darker hair was often given highlights and the sun-kissed look by soaking strands of hair in lemon juice and sitting in the sun.
Retro Future
Twentieth century predictions of future technology that never happened.
The Retrofuture is a concept based on a simple question: what happened to all that futuristic stuff which was supposed to change our lives by the year 2000? Stuff like rocket belts, flying cars, food pills and inflatable homes.
Prefabricated homes, jet packs, waterproof furniture, Charles and Ray Eames, the Archigram group, Tesla's death ray, futuristic illustrators, early Internet, domestic robots and other topics are in the works. Write us and let us know what subjects you would like to see on this site. Your feedback helps us stay "retro-active".
Retro Junk
Commercials, movie trailers, and theme songs, including message board, articles, and visitors can submissions.

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