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Cabrillo Highway 1977
Retro Video and Arcade Games

Retro Video and Arcade Games

The Official Proton Home Page
Proton, the retro-futuristic, self-contained, abstract strategy PocketBoardGame for 1 or 2 players.
Mark's Arcade Retro Site
Site for video arcade game enthusiasts.
Retro Arcades
Dedicated to arcade video games of the 80s. Reviews and screen captures.
Arcade Machine
Retro fitting a low-boy arcade machine with a pentium-powered M.A.M.E. setup.
Retro:Cabin Homepage
JAMMA and MAME cabinets.
Classic Video Gaming Syndicate HQ
Our mission: to protect, serve, and collect classic video games... to uphold the surge of retro-gamers... to feed, grow, and ultimately deploy an army of underground gamers bent on high scores and cartridge collections.
Digital Tables Ltd
Manufactures and sells a range of retro-styled arcade machines. Located in the United Kingdom.

Benchmark Games, Inc.
Designs and manufactures coin-operated machines, including redemption games, self-contained merchandisers and cranes, and retro arcade games.
Retro-futuristic MUD featuring zombies, vodun necromancers, 1940s technology, and alternate worlds. Not for the faint of heart or the overly serious.
"Complete with a unique visual scheme, engrossing story, and vibrant characters, the effect of Retro Helix will be felt for quite some time." Review by Major Mike.
Gaming Age
"Retro Helix is a fantastic game, better than its predecessor and one of the last must own games for PlayStation owners." Reviewed by Patrick Klepek.
"Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix is a game that successfully blends the action, survival-horror, and role-playing genres into a single outstanding product." Review by Frank Provo.
[6.9/10] Review by Ted Brockwood with screen shots. "Short term retro-gaming enjoyment."
Sega Arcade Gallery
Review by Bryn "hardcore_pawn" Williams. "Retro fun for those who want it, but purists won't find their holy grail here." Includes screen shots. [Score: 2 out of 5]
Provides a review. "Retro Studios has brought 'Metroid' into 3D gaming with such perfection, that it's hard to understand why there was ever any resistance to the concept... A welcome addition to the series, it's difficult to find any shortcomings in the title." [5/5]
GameSpy: Pac-Man Collection
[Score: 80%] Reviewed by: Andrew S. Bub. "The collection feels incomplete without Ms. Pac Man .. the Pac-Man Collection is still a worthwhile addition to any retro fans portable library." [GameBoy Advance]
A two-player split-screen Amiga retro action game.
Rude Scotsman: Vector Blaster
Describes retro-style space shooter for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC, with screenshots.
Videogameimport.com Forums
Have your say about the current and retro games. Covers Nintendo, Sega, Sony, NeoGeo, NEC and Atari machines.
Gaming Evolved
Forums with specific areas for Playstation, Nintendo, X-Box and PC. Also features retro consoles.
Digital Press Classic Video Games
Covers retro systems including Atari, Intellivision, Colecovision, Vectrex, Odyssey, Nintendo, and Sega Master system.
Offers demos, museum, and FAQ.
Retro Goodness
Offers information on classic console systems.
A retro games website that is based around my own personal collection. It contains reviews and information regarding different consoles and computers. It even has a store where I sell all my unwanted spare games.
Reviews, links, articles, and video games available for the retro game collector.
Retro Consoles
Welcome to the Retro Console Store.
Here you will find a wide range of Retro Consoles including the legendary Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo as well as a wide range of other consoles, control pads and other accessories.
You may already own an Xbox 360 or a Nintendo Wii but why not buy a low priced console from the 80's or 90's for the novelty value. Video Games nowadays do not have the playability or addiction factor as games like Zelda or Mario had when they were first released.
Retro Game Zone
Sprites for the NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance.
Makes 8-bit remakes and original games with a retro theme and feel. Contains news, FAQ, forum, and game downloads.
Creator of new games based on classic Spectrum characters.
Retro Studios, Inc.
Austin, Texas based video game developer for the Nintendo Gamecube. Includes description of facilities, news, and careers. Requires Flash.
Retro Arcades
[Gameplay score 9/10] "Not since the arcade classic 'Race Driver' have I felt so involved with the driving experience of the car." Includes screenshots.
Retro and Emulation reviews.
IGN Xbox
Review, by Douglass C. Perry: "The single-player mission, graphics, dialog, music, animation, AI, and level design are all so shockingly retro in all of the worst senses, that one wonders if this game weren't really designed about 20 years ago and just recently uncovered from some sort of lost chest of unwanted arcade titles that never got the green light." [Score: 5.5 out of 10]
The Old Computer Dot Com
A site dedicated to all aspects of retro computing and gaming. Museum, emulators, ROMs, retro Shop, magazines, and articles. From Atari 2600, Zenneth, colecovision, amiga, and spectrum.
Retro Experience
Play Retro Games, also have a look at the Atari St and Sega Megadrive Games Archives (including screenshots, reviews and box cover art).
Retro View
Tips, cheats, reviews, high scores and discussion of classic video games.
Classic Retro Games
Directory of quality full versions of freeware retro remakes and ports.
Cluckie Egg: The Retro Days
Screen shots and basic information on a project to create a 3D version of the game.
A retro-style scrolling puzzle-based platform game for the PC.
GameFAQs review
"Exceeds Keen as a shareware retro classic" [8/10]
Windows based arcade games, which are available for download. Products are Pac-Clone, Retro Galaxy is a 3D remake of the classic 1979 shoot-em-up, and Clickups.
Develops retro-style games that are fun for people of all ages. Products are WarHeads SE, and Bugatron.
Review [4/5]. "Hardly pushing the limits of the PS2, Gradius III and IV is a shooter combo package that will appeal to retro gaming fans." Includes screen shots.
Reviewed by David Smith. [6.5/10]"Certainly a purely retro affair, aimed only at a small enthusiast market, but it's retro gaming done properly, a package that's worth the money to its target audience." Includes screen shots, gameplay movies, and cheats.
Furniture, decorative items, walls, paintings, and skins, many with a retro kitsch feel.
Modern and retro sets, skins, walls and floors, and houses.
Sims Go Go Go
Offers faces and clothing for male sims. Features selections of swimsuit, rave, casual and retro fashions.
Grandparent's Toy Connection
Offering retro and classic toys.
UK Retro Games site that sells console games from Atari to Playstation. Also has accessories, action figures andother video game related items.
Retro Trader ltd.
Vintage toys, books, games, computers and consoles.
All Retro Games
Sells used Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Odyssey 2, Intellivision, Colecovision, and Sega Master System games and consoles.
Retro Action
Carries retro games as well as newer systems and software.
The Goat Store
Retro video games to purchase, as well as editorials, the history of each console sold and new developments for classic systems.
Opinions and comment on retro computer games, the Internet and life.

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