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Cabrillo Highway 1977
Retro Music, Bands, Clubs and Lyrics

Retro Music, Bands, Clubs and Lyrics

The Canonical List of Weird Band Names
This unexpurgated version of "The Canonical List of Weird Band Names" from 7/19/98 is preserved and presented here to give the lie to the growing number of web sites, commercial and personal, that are mindlessly reproducing some nameless PC-ditherhead's sanitized version, which first surfaced back in the wild and woolly days of the net when chellec created and yet maintained the authentic Canonical List of Weird Band Names.
Birthday Massacre, The
A new wave post-retro band from Toronto. With news, biography, pictures, sound files, and lyrics.
AMG All Music Guide: All Over the Place
Denise Sullivan's review: "the release capitalized on the pretty, all-girl-group angle rather than the band's actual raw talent, which might otherwise have been too rough and retro for radio at the time." 4 stars.
Calamity Pop
Pop Friction was Calamity Pop's debut album, and our first release in 2004.
Lead Singer Zuq Iruall, well known in the local cover band scene, teamed up with songwriter and producer Paul Russell to bring out a pure rock pop album that forecast the revival of 80's music about 2 years before it really happened.
The album was recorded over a period of two years, with Zuq juggling vocal duties with his six night per week singing gig at local clubs like Thumper and Ipanema. The songs were a mixture of new material and stuff that Paul had written over the previous 25 years. The genre is 80's Powerpop, but you will hear a diverse array of influences in there.
Plugged In: Mariah Carey - Charmbracelet
Bob Waliszewski's review: "breaks away from the hip-hop influences of recent efforts, giving fans a more retro Carey sound."
Jumpstreet Band
Party Band in the southeast (Columbia US) playing Beach songs, Retro and Rock, Blues, R&B and Country also offers floor shows 'The Blues Brothers', 'Elvis Presley', 'ZZ Top' and 'Chubby Checker. Site includes tour dates, song list, photo's, band information and audio clips.
Digital Retro
Audio files and news.

Terrace Retro
Images, band history, and in-depth information.
Inner Lizard
Information, music clips, and photos about this active rock band with a retro-psychedelic feel.
Kris Kross Revisited
Article looks back at the fad of the group's first album and singles.
Yahoo! Groups: Barry's Retro Fans Unlimited
Links, photographs, and member discussion.
Grim industrial rock from Boston. Multi-part Youtube concert video
Retro band based in Australia. Includes news, biography, release information, photos and MP3s.
Club Retro
Located in San Diego. Club Retro plays all types electronic music, including: synthpop, darkwave, new wave, trance, electro and industrial dance - anything melodic and electronic is game.
The Velvet Dog
Located in Cleveland, the lounge and dance club provides an atmosphere that's drenched in sweeping colors and lively retro sounds. Site contains additional information for private parties.
Spanky Payne Productions
Spanky Payne was born April 17th 1981 in Rutland Vermont,USA. Under his real name John. To the parents of John and Virginia. Since then he has been in tons of bands, magazines, making videos and doing his photos. Spanky joined his first band right after his 16th Birthday with a band that played for his birthday party. The Band was Caution that started in 1996, Spanky joined the band as a bass player in 1997. Spanky joined Caution with members Skot Skullfukkr and SoulBurn. Right after they added Spanky Payne they also added Josh Meighan and Kyle L'Esperance. Half way into Caution, Spanky Payne and Skot had a side project called "Erection". We wrote two songs, "Chastities" and "Demonic Pornography". The Erection didn't last long.
Future Retro Synthesizers
Makers of the 777, a monophonic analog synthesizer which gets some of the same sounds as the TB303
Vintage Synth Explorer
An evergrowing source of images, sound bytes, reviews and links for over 150 popular vintage and retro-vintage synthesizers.
Organ Service Corporation
Repair parts, manuals and retro kits for Conn, Kimball, pre-1985 Lowrey, and Thomas organs. Online ordering. Marengo, Indiana.
Retro inspired electric guitars and basses.
Lyrics Burger
Browseable and searchable database of modern and retro songs.
Generation 80s Retro
Featuring new wave, modern rock and alternative club classics. Two internet streams available in broadband stereo with DJ Java Jane.
80s Retro Radio
Live365.com based station broadcasting the most famous 80's hits.
Long Playing Microgroove
Streaming audio broadcast playing retro music such as lounge, easy listening, surf, latin-tinged jazz, exotica, groovy themes and spaceage pop.
B.B. and the Blues Shacks
Retro style blues band from Hildesheim, Germany. Pictures, gig dates, reviews, and discography.
Ready Steady Go
Eclectic music site offering exclusive interviews, reviews, news and features from the world of indie, retro and modernist.
Escape to the Seventies
Re-discover the seventies with a huge music database, film reviews, very active forums, sweets,toys,online retro games and more. Bring back the good times.
80s Retro Music
Artist pages, lyrics quiz, 80s games, and links.
Disco Daze
Disco history recounts, clubs, retro music, bands, and fashion.
Studio 54 Retro & The Disco Night Culture
Dedicated to the famed New York disco.
Dance and trance music mixed by DJ Mike Foston. Mix of dance, trance, house and retro every week on Tempo FM.
Official website of Air featuring their discography and tour dates, online retro-futuristic games, and streaming audio and video.
An online magazine about all things retro, including swing music, bands, venues, and dancing.
The Retro Cocktail Hour
A weekly RealAudio excursion into lounge music, exotica and private eye jazz, served up by KANU at the University of Kansas. New shows added weekly, along with playlists, CD giveaways and cover gallery.
The Retro Cocktail Hour on KANU
Radio show featuring space age pop, bachelor pad music, exotica, lounge music and cocktail jazz. Site also includes links to related music links.
Retro Rewind
An Internet radio site specializing in 70s, 80s and 90s music, and interviews.
Retro Metro: The Makers
Reviews and album cover images.
Ezekiel's Wheel
Retro-Progressive Christian Rock. The site contains RealAudio, MP3s, TShirts, and a raytraced virtual club.
Twistin' Tarantulas, The
Retro-rooted rock 'n' roll from Detroit. Includes photos, reviews, tour dates, song samples, and CDs.
Hot Rod Lincoln
San Diego based rockabilly band. Remaining true to the retro-sound of 1950's rockabilly music.
Shackshakers, The
Retro rock and roll from Lubbock, TX. Official site includes bio, gig dates, sound files, reviews, and CD information.
Big Boppa
Email order company specializes in 1960s and 1970s popular music, but also carries comedy, Celtic, film themes, and jazz, vinyl cleaning solution, and retro-style record sleeves. Based in the UK.
Retro Vinyl Records
Listen to some rare and obscure tracks from the vast RV catalogue of vinyl All titles are available to buy from the website unless they have been sold of course Try before you buy.
Retro Vinyl Records
Specialising in rare and hard to find vinyl from the sixties to the present. Features a listening booth and a live radio station.
Orange Sync Records
Releases New Wave, Electro, Retro and Dance. Features bands Sharplicks, Mono Living and Juan Silmon. Located in the United Kingdom.
Universal Music TV
Located in the United Kingdom. Focuses on Pop, Dance, Urban, Alternative and Retro. Company profiles, styles of music, artists, contests, and store.

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