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Cabrillo Highway 1977
Retro Illustration

Retro Illustration

Cressy, Mike
Retro 50's stylized illustration for all purposes.
Chantler, Scott
Online portfolio of professional freelance illustrator who specializes in hand-drawn and digital images with a classic and retro feel.
Hobbs, Pamela
British digital retro-style illustrator's works, ranging from editorial, to icons and kid's illustrations.
Hewitt, Fiona
Vector style. Bright and cheerful showcase with a blend of retro-oriental and kitsch influences [requires flash]

Mattice, Elliott
Retro/Pop-art traditional and digital illustration.
Meadows, Michael
Colorful pastels, scratchboard, and 60s retro illustrations.
Satchell, Jonathan
UK traditional and digital artist, with cartoon, flat, retro, and children's illustrations.
Online portfolios showcasing the commercial illustrations of artists working retro styles from the 1920's to 1960's for advertising, corporate, editorial and publishing clients.
The Pin-up Webring
Dedicated to pin-up art and retro glamour of the past and present.

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