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Cabrillo Highway 1977
Retro and Historic Wallpaper

Retro and Historic Wallpaper

Rosie's Vintage Wallpaper
Welcome to Rosie's Vintage Wallpaper...and thank you for visiting our site. We have a large collection, around 50,000 rolls of vintage wallpaper. It dates from the early 1900's thru the 1970's and includes florals, kitchen, bathroom, novelty, borders, childrens, 60's and 70's retro, vinyls and foils and the hard to find flocked wallpaper. Most patterns are paper-backed and will need an adhesive paste to apply. They are antique original wallpapers, no reproductions. We are continuously sorting through our inventory and will be listing new patterns regularly.
Flavor Paper
Flavor Paper produces unique vintage, contemporary, and custom handscreened wallcoverings that will add a burst of flavor to any room.
Each roll of Flavor Paper is hand printed to order facilitating customization. Whether you are interested in one of our designs or custom colors, logos or patterns, we can make your wallcovering dreams a reality. Ink colors from all of our patterns are interchangeable and designs can be printed on any stock grounds without additional fees.
Design for Delight
Design for Delight was established in 1999 and over the past years we have increased our knowledge and experience in vintage, retro and contemporary design. We are proud to say that we have served and pleased many collectors and wholesalers worldwide.
Piece, Ltd.
piece ltd is new zealand's exclusive importer of finlandÕs famous marimekko textiles. founded in 1951 by textile designer armi ratia, marimekko is one of the worldÕs best loved brands from the 1950s and 60s. the bold and exuberant textile designs have become synonymous with the "retro" aesthetic and with today's trend towards modernist architecture, marimekkoÕs classic textiles are enjoying something of a renaissance. the range has continued to grow and in addition to the retro designs there are a number of contemporary designs available.
Melinamade Fabrics and Wallpaper
1970s Wallpaper - Double Roll. Mod! Op Art! These original late sixties to early seventies motifs are being reproduced again on vinyl wallpaper exclusively for Melinamade. This collection is being re-released and thus is brand new not vintage. They are pre-trimmed and come in DOUBLE rolls only. A double roll is one uncut roll that measures 10 meters long by 54 centimeters wide (22" wide X 33' long) with a straight repeat match. Rolls are not pre-pasted and a standard vinyl paste is recommended for hanging.
Secondhand Rose
More than 1000 original vintage wallpaper patterns, Original Antique Wallpaper. Quantities of Victorian Antique Wallpaper, 1940's florals, Damask Wallpaper, Floral Wallpaper, Mylar - Foil Wallpaper, Art Deco Wallpaper, Flocked Wallpaper, L'art Deco geometrics, novelties from the 1950's, 1960's Op Art, 1970's Mylars. For immediate delivery. Largest collection in the world.
The good old wallpaper is back and she dressed to impress. She put on her patterned clothes and brightest colours. This way she first became the star in bars and clubs and it didn't take long until more and more new friends invited her home. And those who have ever shared the privacy of their home with her don't want to let her go.

Burt Wall Papers
We handcraft wallpaper, replicating the authentic pattern and color that once belonged to your walls. Our specialty is accomplished through the artful use of screen-printing.
RetroWalls - Wallpaper SuperStore
The Arts & Crafts Home
The Arts and Crafts Home have assembled a range of authentic arts and crafts period design wallpapers using the designs of the finest architects and designers of the period.
Most of the great designers - A.W.N.Pugin, C.F.A.Voysey, C.R. Mackintosh, Archibald Knox, William Morris and Liberty are available as machine or handprints.
Adelphi Paper Hangings
Owned and operated by wallpaper scholars Chris Ohrstrom and Steve Larson, Adelphi Paper Hangings LLC is a small, artisanal producer of historically accurate block printed wallpapers for museums and historic institutions, as well as for period designers and those involved in contemporary design projects.
Founded in 1999, Adelphi Paper Hangings grew out of a symposium of some of the world's foremost experts and researchers on block printed wallpapers. While the symposium demonstrated that interest in these historic papers and techniques remains extremely high, it was also clear that the art of producing these unique papers had been in sharp decline since the early 20th century.
A.L. Diament & Co.
A.L. Diament & Co. was established in 1885 by Albert L. Diament in Philadelphia. The company quickly became the area's premier decorating firm and the country's leading importer of fine furnishings, providing America's best and most prestigious decorators with the finest Europe had to offer through its showrooms in Philadelphia and New York.
Alexander Beauchamp
We design and hand print wallpapers for any need, including exact character reproductions of historical designs and colourings.
We have an extensive archive of designs dating back to the 17th Century, together with a bespoke design service.
On this site you can view our handprinted collections - Classical and Beauchamp Nouveau, as well as our stock collections - Stripes and Damasks, Victorian House, Chinoiserie, and Centuries of Damask.
Alpha Workshops, Inc.
Alpha Workshops runs a highly regarded design studio, staffed completely by our trainees and graduates, and is well-known for our handcrafted wallpapers, on-site custom painting, decorative finishes, gilding and handcast lamps.
Anstey Wallpaper Company is a contract wallcoverings’ manufacturer, dedicated to the hand and machine production of wallcoverings onto wallpaper, vinyl and non-woven substrates.
Avignon is a specialty company that creates custom handcrafted wallcoverings that simulate the rich colors and textures of stone, leather and other natural materials. This rapidly-growing, Phoenix-based company was founded as The Art Cart, Inc. in 1992 by Ariane Stein and Caryn Outwater with the goal of offering more creative wall treatment options to interior designers.
Bradbury & Bradbury
Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers' historical designs bring to life the architectural styles of the 1880s through 1930s: Victorian, Arts & Crafts, and Art Deco. Our extensive selection of Victorian wallpapers reflect the designs of William Morris, Walter Crane, Christopher Dresser, the Herter Brothers, and represent Victorian styles from Anglo-Japanese to Classicism. Our Arts & Crafts designs, rendered in warm hues, include borders, wall fills and friezes; reminiscent of traditional patterns and stencil techniques used in the Craftsman-era home. With our Art Deco Collection we capture the vibrant, elegant, and futuristic vision of the Modern Age designers from the early 1920s to the late 1930s.
Brunschwig & Fils
The firm now offers more than 20,000 fabrics and 1,200 wallcoverings, ranging from fine documentary reproductions to striking contemporary designs. Resources include relationships with more than 200 mills, most of them in Europe, as well as Brunschwig & Fils' "secret weapon"--the wealth of design history in the firm's extensive archives.
J.R. Burrows & Company
A specialist decorative furnishings supplier in the English tradition, featuring Arts & Crafts Movement wallpaper, furnishing fabric and William Morris carpet marketed as the Burrows Studio Collection, Scottish lace curtains, and the Stourvale Mill Collection of Wilton and Brussels reproduction historic carpet from the Federal, Neo-Classical and Victorian periods.
Carol Mead Designs
Beautiful Arts and Crafts Style. Papers include historical reproductions, adaptations and new designs in the style and colors of the period. The collection covers a time span from the late19th century through the early 20th. Inspiration is drawn from American and British influences. All the papers are hand printed, and untrimmed and unpasted as professional installers prefer. Borders and friezes carry print beyond the design to allow flexibility in installations within architectural detail.
Carter & Company/Mt. Diablo Handprints
Carter & Company/Mt. Diablo Handprints specializes in the meticulous reproductions of significant historic wallpapers. Working from available documentation, such as fragments of the original pattern or photographs, we define design elements and determine colors in order to restore patterns to their original state. We retain the exact measurements of the document. The recreated wallpaper pattern is then silkscreened by hand using water-based inks.
Charles Rupert Designs
CHARLES RUPERT DESIGNS LIMITED is a Canadian company specializing in Historic Designs in Wallpapers, Fabrics, Tiles, Hardware and more.
Chengyi USA
Chengyi is a leading manufacturer of hand-pained wallpapers Oil murals for the distributor and high-end interior design market. All of our products are hand-painted, using natural plant liquid colors and natural minal materials with talent and traditional techniques based on several thousand years of Chinese art history. The classical style and lovely interpretations of nature shown in our wallpapers are admired in the world by interior designers for their ability to transform an interior space into a true work of art.
Cole & Son
We are proud to be part of a tradition that has been printing the world’s finest wallpapers since 1873. Little has changed over the years with the majority of printing techniques remaining the same today as when the Company began.
With colourEverything; interior designers, property developers, office managers and home owners can take a colour or an image from an Art Canvas and transfer it to create a co-ordinated Fabric or Wallpaper. It is a wonderful opportunity for anybody seeking a truly personalised space.
Concept Coverings Ltd.
We are an online business, that specialise in the printing of Bespoke Residential / Commercial Wallcoverings, Wallpaper Borders and Wall Murals. We have over 25 years experience in the process of manufacturing wallpaper and our expertise is second to none.
de Gournay
de Gournay hand paints wallpapers, fabrics and porcelain at the very top end of the decoration market. You will appreciate that the very uniqueness of our interiors would be compromised were we to make extensive photographic archives available on the web. Here we present a tiny selection of our interiors to give you a glimpse of what is possible.
My great-grandparents Matilda and William established the company in 1906. The '& Son' was added in the early 1930's and we became a limited company in 1948. We are still a family business.
The wallcoverings featured date from the early sixties to the eighties, however there are a few newer designs which are included as they compliment our range. The vintage range is popular with film, TV and media industries. The Independent gave us an amusing review a while back and the BBC used one of our wallpapers to create a 1970's den on Changing Rooms.
Farrow & Ball
Made using our environmentally friendly water based paints, all papers are manufactured by us, using traditional techniques. Our patterns are block printed and our stripes and striés trough printed.
Griffen Mill
Griffen Mill has worked with wallpaper conservators in Europe and England to provide a variety of handmade papers for wallpaper restoration projects.
Hamilton Weston Wallpapers
At Hamilton Weston we have been specialising in the reproduction and recreation of historic wallpapers for the restoration and renovation of classic interiors for the past 20 years.
Hannah's Treasures
Our collection of vintage wallpaper dates from the 1920's-1960's. We have over 500 different vintage wallpaper designs pictured on this website. Each pattern is priced and the quantity available is noted.
nspirational designs, innovative textures and the ingenious use of colour epitomise the current Harlequin collections.
Eclectic and affordable, Harlequin's diverse ranges of elegant weaves, enticing prints and exciting wallcoverings are guaranteed to cater for a broad spectrum of tastes, ages and interior styles.
Julius Hembus GmbH
Historical Wall Paper and Edging
House Couturier
A new collection of contemporary designs that cater for today's style-conscious public showing unique, modern designs that instantly create a contemporary effect. This exclusive range is brought to you on wallpapers printed on the highest quality paper. All designs are uniquely hand painted on canvas and printed in our own studio and then sold by the roll.
Blue Mountain Wallcoverings
Headquartered in Toronto, ON, Blue Mountain Wallcoverings Inc. has been in business for over 30 years. Through the acquisition of Imperial Home Décor Group on January 29th, 2004 Blue Mountain is now the largest manufacturer and distributor of residential wallcoverings in North America. Blue Mountain’s products are sold worldwide under several leading brand names.
interior1900 is an internet boutique which specialises in vintage wallpapers. Most of the wallpapers were manufactured in Scandinavia, and none of them are new prints.
Jocelyn Warner
Jocelyn has always had an interest in the design world especially with repeated structures and patterns. Growing up in a 1960's house designed by her architect farther and filled with fabrics and furniture by John Piper, Lucienne and Robin Day wetted her appetite for textiles.
All modells in our collection are original wallpapers from the 50s, 60s and 70s which aren't produced anymore. They were produced in Germany (West), France, Spain, England, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. On one roll you'll get ca. 5 square-meters of wallpaper. The length is 10 meters and the width ca. 50 Centimeters (Euronorm). The rolls are in original package (if nothing else is noted).
Paul Montgomery Studio
Paul Montgomery Studio™, Inc. provides custom decorative art and painting services for public, commercial and residential areas. Services include general consultation, preparation of conceptual sketches and samples, all full size production, and on-site installation of work; Murals, Trompe L'oeil, Paintings, Hand Painted Wallcoverings, Screens, Stenciling, Hand Painted Wallpaper Murals, Ceilings and Furniture, as well as all types of custom hand painting.
Katherine Morris
Katherine Morris wallpaper is produced using linoleum blocks and emulsion paints. Her two colour wall coverings are printed by hand ­ which produces natural irregularities with a softness and subtlety of variation. These hand printed wallpapers offer an alternative to mechanically produced wallpapers, as well as giving clients a more active role in the choice of colours, or even developing their own design (see section in Introduction on Bespoke Design).
Welcome to MarvelsDeco - we specialise in hand-painted silk wallpapers, lamps, cushions, blinds and curtains and hand-stitched embroidery at the top end of the interior decoration market. The aspiration of MarvelsDeco is to create a confident blend of the contemporary and antique, practicality and elegance, East and West.
Mason & Wolf Wallpaper
Mason and Wolf offer period wallpapers which are inspired by the prevailing styles of the last half of the 19th Century, a time when wallpaper design reached its highest artistic expression. Our collection of coordinated patterns was developed using historic design sources and rare survivors of actual wallpaper. Hand-screened in authentic colors, our borders, ornaments and all-over patterns can be easily combined to decorate both walls and ceilings.
Partridge & Green
For the finest traditional and contemporary handpainted wallpapers. Our distinctive designs include Bespoke, Contemporary, Chinoiserie, 18th & 19th Century, Swedish-style and Japanese & Korean.
Paper Mills
The Paper Mills team studied fine art at Pennsylvania Academy of Art, University of the Arts and Purchase College respectively with an emphasis on printmaking, the study of repeated image and the dissemination of ideas. From there, the sisters applied their skills to jobs with New York based wallpaper manufacturing companies while continuing to develop their personal artistic endeavors. Their commercial skills honed after fifteen years working for the leading manufacturers led them to create their own workshop.
Peter Fassano Ltd.
Versatile wallpapers by Peter Fasano. Elegant walldressing. Patterns from whimsical to utterly classical.
Phillip Jeffries Ltd.
Is A Manufacturer And Importer Of Unique High Quality Natural Textured Wallcovering And Exclusive Fabrics. Founded By Eric Bershad In 1980 With 10 Grasscloths, The Company Now Offers Over 400 Natural Textured Wallcoverings Including Linens, Silks, Paperweaves, Burlaps, Gold Leaf, Bamboo, Raffia, Rice Paper, Grasscloth, Stone Chips As Well As Many Unique Woven And Printed Fabrics.
SJW Studios, Inc.
SJW Studios, Inc. was founded by sculptor, Steve Jensen and businessman, John Williams in 1981. The studio is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood a few blocks east of downtown Seattle. All of our fine hand-painted and hand-screened wallcoverings are made to order by skilled artisans.
Trustworth Studios
Trustworth Studios Wallpapers represent some of the best of the English Arts and Crafts Movement. They rely heavily on the designs of CFA Voysey and are reproduced from our own period documents and those in private collections. The patterns are produced both by the hand silk screening process and the new digital technology. Most patterns are produced in true document scale and color. Our digital technology allows some patterns to be scaled to suit a client's requirements.
Victorian Collectibles, Ltd.
Victorian Collectibles, Ltd. offers wallpapers, borders and ceiling treatments reproduced from original documentary rolls. The color palette of our designs, as manufactured from 1850 to 1915, has been preserved and faithfully recreated to bring you the splendor of Victorian era decor.
Wolff House Wallpapers LLC
Wolff House Wallpapers is dedicated to providing the highest quality reproduction historic wallpapers for use in the restoration and decoration of period homes. Our Victorian wallpapers are hand screened reproductions of historical patterns.
Neo Silk Road
China was famous for the Silk Road. With a history dating back to the 17th ~18th century, hand-painted wallpaper, designed by European wallpaper designers by incorporating Chinese art elements from Chinese artists, is a good example of the combination of Chinese and western arts. Attracted by its unique artistic value and charm, a large number of royal family and aristocrats in Europe selected hand-painted wallpaper for the decoration of their palaces and castles. Hand-painted wallpaper is now commonly seen in various ancient European buildings.
Bouyard Art Painting
Bouyard Art Painting Studio is a leading manufacturer & designer of hand-crafted silk wallpapers for the high-end interior design market. All of the products are made by hand craft, using authentic techniques based on 5000 years of Chinese art history. The unique style and lovely interpretations of nature found in our wallpapers are admired the world over by interior designers for their ability to transform an interior space into a true work of art. BAPS has successfully applied these principals to creating designs of classic Chinoisserie scenes depicting lovely trees, flowers and birds in garden settings, classic Chinese historical scenes depicting village life and mythical scenes, as well as a sophisticated collection which is reminiscent of 18th century French hand blocked wallpaper murals.
Zuber et Cie
In France since 1797, Zuber is the last factury in the world to produce woodblock printed wallpapers and furnishing fabrics.
Zuber for its production uses the original woodblocks (more than 100,000) engraved from the XVII and XIX century and is classified as an "Historical Monument".
The Continuous performance of this printing technique warrants to present manufacturing the same quality of the original printing.

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