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Cabrillo Highway 1977
Retro Computers and Retro Computing

Retro Computers and Retro Computing

Software products, consulting and services that assist customers with their development and retro-fit projects.
C16-Plus4 Retro Page
Game downloads, computer history, tips and home of YAPE, A freeware C16 and Plus/4 emulator for Windows. An older open source version for Unix/SDL is also available.
Retro Clip Art
Authentic black and white retro advertising artwork from the '30s, '40s and '50s on cross-platform CDRom.
Colourful Cuisine
Free tiled and bordered backgrounds, predominantly of retro design. Site also includes the poetry and artwork of Farrah Tate.
Larabie Fonts
Loads of free futuristic, weird and retro fonts made by Ray Larabie.

FM Electronics
Prehistoric computer parts for retro computers.
Retro Computer Gallery
Collection of pictures of old computers, consoles, handhelds and magazines.
Retro Review
Retro computing magazine.
The Old Computer
Dedicated to all aspects of retro computing, old computers, games consoles, handhelds, games and watches.
The Retro-Computing Society of Rhode Island
Users' group with an interest in vintage computer hardware systems and software.
Vintage Computer
This site is the place to buy retro computer equipment. They trade and sell equipment.
MrBads Retro Games
A web site containing my collection of classic video and computer games.
Blue-Print Retro Collection
Personal collection.
Gallery of alternative designs including poems, surreal, retro geek and darkness.
Lacy, Mark Anthony
Offers services in web design, photography, graphic design, retro graphics, and Flash.
Stylized retro Flash animations, links and examples.
Retro Rocket
Offers free downloads of classic retro computer games.
Flashback Abandonware
One of the oldest retro gaming sites around, Flashback Abandonware is filled with downloads and game reviews.
Search for fonts by "funky" categories while reading "funky" facts. Categories include eccentric, gothic and retro.
Font Diner
Selection of retro and 1950s style fonts.
Retro modern fonts.
Device Fonts
Retro-esque fonts by Rian Hughes
Sinclair Spectrum
The ZX Spectrum (Pronounced "Zed Ecks Spec-trum" in its original British English branding) is an 8-bit personal home computer released in the United Kingdom in 1982 by Sinclair Research Ltd. Referred to during development as the ZX81 Colour and ZX82, the machine was launched as the ZX Spectrum by Sinclair to highlight the machine's colour display, compared with the black-and-white of its predecessor, the Sinclair ZX81. The Spectrum was released in eight different models, ranging from the entry level model with 16 KB RAM released in 1982 to the ZX Spectrum +3 with 128 KB RAM and built in floppy disk drive in 1987, together they sold in excess of 5 million units worldwide.
RedRose Stationery
Email stationery for Outlook and Outlook Express. Files are self-extracting. Selections include animals, retro, scenery and floral.
Bilingual site offering fantasy, cartoons, 3d, vases, objects, nature, jewelry, animals, flowers, archaeology, holidays, and retro, includes frames, shapes, brushes, and patterns.
Retro Software
Stock older versions of new (unused) and used computer software. Educational, game, business, and utility software. Hundreds of computing software titles of new and used software at discounted prices.
Gonzo Retro
A dos freeware and shareware archive of a few games and apps.
Retro Computing - BBC Emulation and File Transfer
Details of, and programs for, transferring files between a PC and a BBC.
OAP Computers' retro photos
Photos of Commodore computers and peripherals, sometimes in their original packaging.
Retro 64
Home of Retro 64 demo group.
CyberpunX Retro Replay Cartridge
Retro Replay cartridge manuals, ROMs, and hardware information.
Retro Classix Sinclair guide
Potted history of Sinclair Research and the Sinclair computers, from Retro Classix fanzine.
ChucklePie Productions
Information about the Sinclair ZX Spectrum's architecture, the Z80, retro gaming, tools and people.
Digitization of old mathematics documents. Free access to bibliographical data and articles of french mathematical journals. For each journal, all the volumes published up to the year 2000 have been retro-digitized.
Retro Computer Gallery
Computer collection comprised mainly of photographs of selected machines and software and magazines.
Books, software, magazines and hardware from various retro home computers from the 1980s and 1990s.

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