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Cabrillo Highway 1977
Shibby: A Definition

Shibby: A Definition

Cabrillo Highway 1977 Cabrillo Highway 1977 -- Southwest of Berkeley, north of Santa Cruz, and up a bit.

MUNDHRA: I want to know where all the slang came from. Like, what does "shibby" mean?

KUTCHNER: I think it comes from Phil Stark's hypothetical world. Originally, Shibby was marijuana, ganja, pot, weed...just another wonderful name for it. When the studio decided to change the movie to PG-13 the drugs got taken out, and it became just another word for "cool." It was a responsible decision on the studio's behalf. We don't really want to advertise illegal substances to we do on our show (That '70s Show). (laughs)

SCOTT: The movie doesn't really need it, I think the movie's fine without it.

KUTCHNER: Well, PG-13, you know 13 year-olds can't watch TV, so what we do on our show is totally different. (laughs) Basically, now "shibby" means "cool." Like, we were "shibbying" last night, or you were "shibbed" up. "What time is it?" It's about shib-o'clock!" It can also be a noun. If you don't know what something is, it's a "shibby."

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